Welded conveyor chains

The pins and bushings of Ketjurauma welded chains are fixed to the chain links with press fitting and automated V-braze welding. The shoulders of the pins and bushings ensure high dimensional accuracy and correct lateral gap while increasing the joint strength. Chain links are made from high quality structural steel, to which various attachments or brackets can reliably be welded without pre- or post-heating. Clearance between pins and bushes has been compensated by shortening the outer link pitch, so all chain links will seat onto sprocket correctly.

Assembly and welding are performed by using modern assembly robot cells in one complete cycle. Production phases such as chamfering and immerse lubrication take place immediately before and after the actual chain assembly.

Heat treatment process used for pins and bushes is case hardening, resulting in extremely wear resistant contact surfaces and long product life cycle. Products equipped with stainless joints are an exception – these are hardened by induction hardening.

Instructional quide for correct chain assembly:

Our products

Riveted conveyor chains 

Riverted conveyor chains manufactured by Ketjurauma Oy have press fitting between the pin/bushing and side plates which ensures high reliability under heavy loads.

Crank link chains 

Crank link chains represent the heavy-duty end in Ketjurauma produt range. Ketjurauma crank link chains are used commonly in receiving deck and de-icing conveyors, debarking drum feeding and outfeeding conveyors as well as in log conveyors.

Flights and flight chains 

Conveyor chain can rarely be used as such to convey material. In most cases chains are equipped with wide variety of different flights either by bolting or welding. Ketjurauma has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing complete chain assemblies cost-effectively.


Ketjurauma product range covers attachments and brackets in all different shapes and sizes also according to customers' requests and specifications. Chain links are manufactured from high quality structural steel to which attachments can be reliably welded without pre- or post-heating.