Quality is Our Trademark

Ketjurauma Oy manufactures high-quality welded and riveted conveyor chains for demanding industrial applications. The high quality of our products is based on our vast experience and continuous product development.

By constantly developing our products and production methods, we are able to meet the ever-increasing recuirements of modern industry. In addition to our experience and knowledge in the conveyor business, we also utilize the latest international expertise in the field.

Ketjurauma's and other producers’ products are benchmark tested regularly. For instance breaking loads of Ketjurauma chains are in their own top high category.

The main products of Ketjurauma Oy are welded and riveted conveyor chains, but our production program also includes chains for paper rolls, drag chains with forged links and coal feeders , WHX type Y-chain as well as chain sprockets.

The chains made by Ketjurauma will withstand heavy mechanical strain and wear. The chain pins and bushings are fixed to side plates by using V-braze welding.The joint is further reinforced by machining a shoulder on pins and bushings, which ensures the dimensional accuracy and lateral movement of the chain.The space between the pin and bushing has been optimized as a result of our extensive experience, and it will also improve the resistance to wear, especially in harsh conditions.

In the chain made by Ketjurauma, the space between the pin and bushings has been compensated by shortening the extension pitch of the outer link. This will ensure that all pitches of a streched chain are equally spaced, which will again decrease the wear of the chain and sprockets.

Ketjurauma has developed uniquely induction hardening of the side plates, which will essentially raise the durability. If we compare induction hardened sideblades to normal temperhardened , will induction hardened sideblades maintain its original shape , dimensions and tolerances.

The side plates of the chains are made of high quality structural steel, which allows reliable welding of a variety of attachments and brackets without pre-heat or post-heating and which provides good impact ductility properties even in low temperatures. The pin and bushings are made of low-carbon, weldable carbonizing steel. In order to achieve the best possible resistance to wear, the surface of the pins and bushings are hardened , including the inner surface of the bushings.


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